BIMM x HMA18: Meet the Students – David Flahou

As part of the HMAs partnership with our Official Education Partner BIMM, we’re giving a handful of students a chance to gain some first-hand experience of the music industry via the Heavy Music Awards’ own events and processes.

The students work across four courses at BIMM’s London campus – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production.

David Flahou

Today, we’re meeting Music Production student David Flahou, who will be attending the HMA events and getting hands-on experience alongside sound engineers at both our Manchester and London events.

I am currently completing my final year at BIMM and I really enjoyed these 3 years of the Music Production degree. I learned all of what I know about producing and mixing, and I really feel confident know for my future. It allowed me to meet and produce tracks for great artists. I also had the chance to meet great actors from the music industry and I understand know how the things works. The opportunity to use the facilities at BIMM helped me to gain experience in studio.

On the HMAs…
I wanted to be part of the team for the Heavy Music Awards 2018 for many reasons. First of all I love new experiences. I had the chance along my journey with music to do so many things such as playing on stage for so many events, touring across the world with a rock band as a lead guitarist, then I moved to London to start a new life, with new projects. I had the chance to produce a great band that will get signed pretty soon. I recently spent a whole day in a professional studio with a well known mixing engineer who showed me all of his tricks and workflow. Accessing the HMAs is another chance for me to live something new and open up my mind to new horizons. Also, I love metal music, it has been my favourite genre of music since I started to do music seriously. So many artists and producers I love participated on the first HMAs last year, and that’s a dream for me to be present at this event and be surrounded by people who share the same passion and love for music as me. I will be proud to be part of the team that work to make this event a great moment. I always wanted to be part of a successful band, releasing great music, be an artist. After a few years I realised that what I really love is producing and mixing. I wish that I will be able in the future to keep working with great artists, try to help them to create awesome tracks, help them to achieve the final product that they always wanted to have. Living a life of creation, make a living out of producing and mixing. If I end up having a post in a good studio, that will allow me to make a living out of my art, I’ll be the happiest man on earth!

On your career goals…
As I don’t have a clear idea of a specific job that I would like to take up in the music industry, i would like to be able to work in many different areas as I can before settling in a specific role so that I can gain as much experience as possible. I would like to be able to create a large network of people that I can work with during my time in the industry and hopefully be involved in large projects such as festivals and tours. I would also like to carry on creating my own smaller independent events as I have found these to be very enjoyable and have given me great experience in the past. The main goal is to learn as much as I can through different opportunities the industry could provide me with.

On your stereo…
Right now I am listening to Wolf Alice – SadBoy. Great track. While I was walking from work today, I was listening to a good old Miss May I – Not Our Tomorrow.

Last show you went to…
It’s been a while since I went to a show, as uni and work are quite demanding at the moment. Last one was Lower Than Atlantis at Brixton Academy last year, Or maybe Mallory Knox at KOKO.

You can follow David on Instagram.

BIMM x HMA18: Meet the Students – Matthew Jones

As part of the HMAs partnership with our Official Education Partner BIMM, we’re giving a handful of students a chance to gain some first-hand experience of the music industry via the Heavy Music Awards’ own events and processes.

The students work across four courses at BIMM’s London campus – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production.

Matthew Jones

Today, we’re meeting Production student Matthew Jones, who will be attending the HMA events to work alongside our sound engineers.

Studying at BIMM has been an enjoyable experience right from the first week of the first year right the way through where I am now, in my final term in my third year. The course has taught me more than what I expected both in terms of music production and life skills. It has opened up my eyes to the future career paths based around music production that I would have never considered, such as working in a post-production studio recording ADR for films, using programs such as FMOD and Wwise to implement audio into game engines and using plugins such as Max for Live and Reaktor to programme and create software instruments and effects. The most enjoyable thing about this course is being able to work with industry specialists and having them teach us on a weekly basis, being taught what is relevant in the industry today compared to what a textbook tells you. Having people come in from the industry to teach is what separates BIMM from other universities, what we’re being taught is relevant and exciting, which is what keeps the course fun and enjoyable.

On the HMAs…
The main reasons I want to be part of the HMA18 is for networking and experience. The HMAs are a prestigious event highly regarded within the heavy music community and being able to be a part of the team that makes it happen is a dream come true. Koko is a very well-known venue as well and being able to work there would be an achievement that I would be proud of. By working at the HMAs, I would be surrounded by highly talented individuals who I can learn from and make connections with while still working to make the HMAs the best they can be.

On your career goals…
My dream would be to open my own studio and be able to run that as my full-time job. Realistically, this is going to be hard to achieve but it’s not impossible. I intend to start out as a freelance producer, getting my name known within the industry and building myself up, hopefully attaining a permanent job at a studio along the way as an engineer or producer, eventually building up to run my own studio in the Midlands. There is a severe lack of music studio’s around my home area which is surprising considering it’s accessibility to the majority of the country via the M1 and the M6 or public transport such as trains into local cities such as Birmingham, Leicester, and Coventry.

On your stereo…
I’m currently jamming a lot of albums. Here are a few of the albums I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

Within Destruction – Void. This album is non-stop brutality from start to finish, been playing this a lot recently in preparation for their new album Deathwish being released at the end of March.

A Night in Texas – Global Slaughter. This album is what I regard as the holy grail of production for a deathcore album, it never fails to amaze me how bone crushing Buster Odeholm manages to make his mixes, and this is no exception. After their Unholy Alliance EP split with Angelmaker I was expecting a lot from A Night In Texas and they didn’t disappoint.

Infant Annihilator – The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch. While I truly enjoyed this album when it first came out, I have to admit that I’ve been listening to this a lot recently for research for my final project. See my final production project and dissertation is exploring how modern bands use technology to record parts which are not physically possible to play, and what better band to showcase this than Aaron Kitcher and Eddie Pickard’s masterpiece which is Infant Annihilator.
Hollow Prophet – Hellhole. This EP took me completely out nowhere and slapped me across the face with its sheer brutality. It was that good I purchased both the limited edition jewel case (limited to 300) and the limited edition red variant digipack (limited to 150) just so I could have a piece of this brutality and help them produce more music.

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla. Yet again this is a research album yet I still enjoy the music that Lucas Mann and Miles Dimitri Baker have written for this album and Aaron Stechauner’s drums are amazing. While not as technical as their previous efforts of Dingir and Lugal Ki En, it is a lot more musical and tasteful in its technicality which results in a more enjoyable end experience.

These are the main albums I have been playing recently However, there are many many more that I come back to such as Thy Art is Murders “Hate”, “Holy War” and “Dear Desolation”, Boris The Blade’s “Warpath”, Aversions Crown’s “Tyrant” and “Xenocide”, Graveminds “The Deathgate”, Humanity’s Last Breaths “Humanity’s Last Breath”, Abominable Putridity’s “The Art of Artificial Origin” and Enterprise Earths “Embodiment”. While I have many more albums in my collection, these are the few that I come back to time and time again.

Last show you went to…
The last show I went to was Within Destruction at the Thousand Island in London on the 28th of February. While this was an amazing show, only two of the four intended bands were able to make it due to the bad weather, even one of the step in bands, Clawhammer, had to cancel due to not being able to make it. Unfortunately, they didn’t pull out the outfits they wore for their music video to Plague of Immortality like they had done the previous year at the Boston Music Rooms. However only a few days earlier I had seen Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown and Disentomb at the Dome on the 26th February. What was interesting about this event was that I had seen all the bands before but never at the same time. I’d seen Carnifex supporting Whitechapel and Thy Art is Murder at the Impericon Never Say Die Festival. I had seen Oceano supporting Thy Art is Murder on their Dear Desolation tour. I’d seen Aversions Crown headlining The Dome’s sister venue, the Boston Music Rooms with support from Rings of Saturn and A Night in Texas. And finally I had seen Disentomb twice, once headlining the Nambucca with support from Visceral Disgorge and another time supporting Dying Fetus along with Psycroptic and Beyond Creation at The Dome again.

You can follow Matthew on Instagram.

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