Venom Prison To Play Heavy Music Awards 2017

Venom Prison have joined the line-up to play the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

The death metal band – who are finalists in Best Breakthrough Band at HMA17 – will join headline act Creeper, Vukovi and Dead! at House of Vans London on August 24.

Speaking about the HMAs, a representative for the Welsh five-piece said: “Venom Prison look forward to representing the more extreme side of heavy music at the Heavy Music Awards on August 24.

“See you there.”

Access to the Heavy Music Awards is by invitation only, but there are a handful of tickets left to win – keep an eye out for a special competition very soon.

Photo: Carly Tyrell

Sophie K and Alex Baker to Present Heavy Music Awards

Broadcasters Sophie K and Alex Baker are to present the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

The duo – who both present popular shows on Kerrang! Radio – will take the helm at House of Vans London on August 24.

Sophie K presents the weekday breakfast show on the rock and metal station while Alex fronts Fresh Blood every Wednesday night.

Speaking to the HMAs Sophie K, who also presents for Scuzz TV and is UK correspondent for Alternative Press USA, said: “Before I even knew what the Heavy Music Awards were I said yes because I know the team from being the best at what they do.

“There is something so special about the HMAs and I feel it’s exactly what the British rock scene needs.

“While people are saying rock is dead, as fans we know its not.

“It’s as strong as it’s ever been, it’s just evolved. The HMAs is an award ceremony designed for the fans and already the level of response has proved how much rock fans care.

“The thing I love about this event is it is actually decided by fans, your votes genuinely matter.

“The tables have turned, the media used to tell us what to like and had all the power but now we decide.

“That is why I am so excited about the HMAs, we get to see which bands matter to you and for the first time show support to people who are making a big difference but often don’t get recognised, such as photographers. Plus its a chance to catch some great live music and have a few drinks, who wouldn’t be excited about that.”

Speaking on the HMAs, Alex Baker, who has been supporting and breaking new talent in the scene since 2007, said: “I am humbled and stoked beyond words to have been asked to present the inaugural Heavy Music Awards – it is a true celebration of the best of the best in our scene.

“I mean look at the fucking nominees! Actually stop for a moment and look at that list!! 100 per cent credibility, 100 per cent integrity. The House Of Vans is going to go off on the night, and I cannot wait.”

Interview: A Few Minutes with Safe Gigs for Women

Heavy Music Awards is proud to support Safe Gigs for Women, an initiative set-up by volunteers with the aim of creating a safer environment for women at live music events.

We caught up recently with co-founder of Safe Gigs for Women, Tracey, to chat through everything from the power of Twitter to their admiration for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

HMAs: Whilst your work within the music field is largely recognised, for those that may not know, what is the message that Safe Gigs for Women is sending to the public?

Tracey: That live music is a community, festivals are a community. The force of music that we love should transcend something so base. We need to own our music scenes – venues, festivals, promoters, bands and music fans to proactively take on the issue of sexual harassment and assault in live music.

HMAs: Social media has enabled you to connect to people all over the world and create a community that promotes and shares the ethos of Safe Gigs for Women, but do you feel that the attitudes on social media are always beneficial to the cause?

Tracey: Social media is a massively interesting, but sometimes controversial tool. It has contributed to how we work, in that bands and artists have never been as easily accessible as they are today, so in sharing experiences with bands, and with women being able to share their experiences with us, it’s fantastically useful.  

HMAs: Do you think that the behaviour at festivals and concerts is worse now than they were in the past, or have we just become more aware and outspoken on the matter?

Tracey: I’m don’t think that this behaviour is new, or necessarily worse that it has ever been. What has changed though is that there are more opportunities to go to gigs and festivals than ever before, and a change in audiences too. Once upon a time, gigs and festivals, festivals in particular, were an outsider thing. Now they are an event, a thing to do. Which , so with more people attending festivals than before, we now have more people talking about these issues.

HMAs: In response to the recent incidents at the Swedish music festival Bravalla and its subsequent cancellation in 2018, do you feel those in charge of these large events are taking sexual assault more seriously?

Tracey: I think Bravalla will be a turning point. I hope that we will see many live events thinking what they can do to prevent things getting that way here. Large events should be considering the impact of the fall out from Bravalla, in terms of bad publicity, impact on attendance and think about the possible impact on their events. Take proactive measures now, talk to organisations like us that love music and want to see live music flourish, but in an environment safe for all.

HMAs: How do you think that partnerships with music events such as The Heavy Music Awards will help promote your message to the music industry and fans?

Tracey: It says the industry is beginning to see that action is needed. Woman are potentially 51 per cent of your audience – take us seriously and make our role in music matter.

HMAs: A growing amount of musicians have become involved with the fight for safer environments for women, do you think that being involved with The Heavy Music Awards will help increase this as new audiences are being reached? 

Tracey: Any time we have engagement with bands, we have a huge step up in followers. And this is why it is crucial that we have bands involved in supporting this cause. After the assault that happened to me that led to the creation of Safe Gigs for Women, one of the things that really stuck with me was that the band that I had gone to see would in no way of condoned what happened to me – anyone familiar with that band’s history would know that. If bands don’t want  this behaviour in their moshpit – speak up, be proactive!

HMAs: You are heavily involved in the music scene and have been lifelong music fans, is there anyone that you are hoping will do particularly well at The Heavy Music Awards this year?

Tracey: 2000 Trees, for sure. Such an amazing, fan led festival who we were working with this summer, and it’s fantastic to work with a festival wanting to take a proactive stance against sexual assault. It’s amazing to see a festival where the division between “artiste” and festival goers is almost non existent, where you see bands watching other bands, milling around the campsites, crowd surfing to acoustic sets.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes for Best UK Band and Best Live Band makes perfect sense to us. One of our team is still recovering from seeing him at 2000 Trees. And his work on gig safety whilst still having a completely involved crowd, with pits and crowd surfing makes for one hell of a gig. 

And being London based and spending a lot of time in Camden, the inclusion of the Black Heart is great to see. It’s a fantastic venue for promoting music as a community. And this is exactly what we want to see, a greater discussion of music as community, and that we maintain and look after that community.

HMAs: You say that your aims are to reach fans, bands and venues and that change cannot be achieved without all three of these groups involved, how can each of these get in contact with you and help the cause more?

Tracey: They are the three vital components to gigs, one cannot exist without the other. They have to come together to work to stop sexual harassment and assault. You can find us online at www.sgfw.org.uk, and on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about where we are and how to contact us.

Believe Backs Best Producer Award at HMA17

The Best Producer category at the Heavy Music Awards 2017 is to be sponsored by Believe Distribution Services.

Believe offers a range of “smart” marketing and distribution services to labels and artists across the world including online distribution, trade marketing, video and unique synchronisation services.

The company prides itself as “a team of international music-loving professionals who have been handpicked from across the music industry to provide high level strategy and support to our clients”.

Believe’s client list includes Xtra Mile, One Little Indian, UNFD, Earache, and Season of Mist.

They will attend the Heavy Music Awards at House of Vans London on August 24 and present the Best Producer Award.

Andy Bibey, Senior Label Manager at Believe, said: “We’re incredibly pleased to further our involvement with the Heavy Music Awards and partner with them to support the very first (and hopefully annual) event.

“Believe are proud to be sponsors of the Best Producer category, which features an incredibly talented array of nominees.

“Working closely with labels and artists in this genre for distribution and marketing, it’s great to see the scene thriving like it currently is, thanks to the hard work by the producers, artists, labels, distributors and all others alike”.

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards, said: “We are delighted to welcome Believe to the HMAs.

“Their involvement underlines the quality that is involved in all aspects of this event.”

Believe has over 400 employees globally with offices in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, LATAM, Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

The company empowers artists and labels to maximize the value of their music in the transitioning digital music space by providing them with a full suite of services: digital music and video distribution, digital marketing and promotion services, synchronization and neighboring rights management, full label services including international physical distribution and campaign management, as well as in-house record label AllPoints, and DIY distribution platform TuneCore.

Believe prides itself on providing personal tailor made services for each label and artist and leverages its network of 32 offices around the world staffed with local music industry and digital marketing experts to support its clients on a global basis.

Championing innovation and transparency throughout its ten-year history, Believe has developed leading in-house technology as well as a range of analytical and promotional tools to help labels & artists leverage the benefits of digital.

Believe is the digital distribution home to the likes of Brownswood Recordings, Southern Fried, Hospital Records, Tru Thoughts, One Little Indian, Future Classic, World Circuit, Nettwerk Records, Soundway, Kartel Label Services, Xtra Mile Recordings, Saregama, Soulfood Distribution, Distri, AFM Records, Parov Stelar, K-Tel, Scorpio Music, Halidon, Chinese Man Records, Nowadays Records, Delicieuse Records, Prime Direct and Southern Record Distribution.

Believe’s in-house label AllPoints and Label Services department has delivered globally successful release campaigns for James Vincent McMorrow, Gavin James, Devlin, Youssoupha, Grand Corps Malade, Breton and Public Service Broadcasting, achieving multiple chart successes and sales certifications.

For more information, visit believemusic.com

HMA17 Best Photographer Longlist Revealed

With the public voting now closed for the Heavy Music Awards 2017, we are excited to reveal the longlist for Best Photographer – a full list of every single photographer nominated by our judging panel of over 300 industry experts.

Incredibly we received nominations for over 170 photographers – you can take a look at the full list below.

The category – presented by Olympus – will see its winner crowned on August 24 at House of Vans London.


HMA17 Best Photographer – The Longlist

Mark Allan
Tom Barnes
Taylor Baron
Ashlea Bea
Penny Bennet
Sarah Louise Bennett
Falk-Hagen Bernshausen
Graham Berry
Peter Beste
Lisa Billingham
Svenja Block
Fernando Bonenfant
Justin Borucki
Joe Brady
Joe Brady
Derek Bremner
Cameron Brisbane
Steve Brown
PG Brunelli
Noel Buckley
John Burrows
Lindsey Byrnes
Stephanie Cabral
Juliette Carton
Scott Chalmers
Ryan Chang
Grace Chapman-Duke
Danny Clinch
Tina Coherty
Ian Collins
Gary Cooper
Tom Cosway
Ian Coulson
Corinne Cumming
Olly Curtis
Jordan Curtis Hughes
Shona Cutt
Cara Dattani
Miguel De Melo
Natasja de Vries
Jemma Dodd
Simon Dunkerley
Eric Duvet
Richard Ecclestone
Jacob Ehrbahn
Doug Elliot
Adam Elmakias
Max Fairclough
Rob Fenn
Corey Fernando
Ed Fielding
Graham Finney
Andy Ford
Shirlaine Forest
Mark Forrer
Katie Frost
Kyle Gaddo
Tony Gaskin
Steve Gerrard
Ben Gibson
Kris Gill
Tom Gold
Sophie Gray
Rachael Griffiths
Steve Gullik
Steven Haddock
Sam Haines
Oliver Halfin
Ross Halfin
Joshua James Halling
Paul Harries
Marianne Harris
Jay Hawkins
Brad Heaton
Kane Hibberd
Ali Horton
Rebecca Hughes
Mick Hutson
Elliott Ingham
Will Ireland
Don Jackson-Wyatt
Olivia Jaffe
Gobin Jhitta
Gobinder Jhitta
Lisa Johnson
Axel Jusseit
Adam Kennedy
Rachael King
Thomas Knight
Trudi Knight
Tina Korhonen
Marie Korner
Mark Latham
James Lehman
Andrew Lipovsky
Andre LL
Mark Lloyd
Jessi Lotti
Frank Maddocks
Zac Mahrouche
Tom Martin
Marcus Maschwitz
Ed Mason
Enzo Mazzeo
Clair McAllister
Katie McChillin
Jennifer McCord
John McMurtrie
Jess McPhee
Dominic Meason
Helen Messenger
Ed Miles
Bethan Miller
Ellie Mitchell
Marty Moffat
Alex Jay Moore
Tony Mottram
Carla Mundy
Rob Nankivell
Yaz Narcin
Rebecca Need-Menear
Sally Newhouse
Kevin Nixon
Danny North
Ashley Osborne
Al Overdrive
Angela Owens
Jake Owens
Scarlet Page
Danny Payne
Carrie-Anne Pollard
George Powell
Sabrina Ramdoyal
Brian Rasic
Thanira Rates
Tom Russell
Felix Russell-Saw
Jeremy Saffer
Andrea Saini
Fabiola Santini
Kennerdeigh Scott
Esther Segarra
James Sharrock
James Shaw
Travis Shinn
Sean Shore
Giles Smith
Emma Stone
John Stone
Nick Suchak
Robert Sutton
Emma Swann
Connie Taylor
Ian Taylor
Gavin Thane
Matt Thomas
Justine Trickett
Tim Tronckoe
Gary Trueman
Will Tudor
Carly Tyrell
Leigh Van Der Byl
Geordy Van Velzen
Pierre Veillet
James Warbey
Matt Waterhouse
Jonathan Weiner
Jay Wennington
Frank White
John Williams
Natalie Wood
Martina Wörz

Olympus Sponsors Best Photographer at HMA17

Imaging giant Olympus is to sponsor the Best Photographer award at the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

Olympus will take to the HMA17 stage at House of Vans London on August 24 to help present the award.

The seven finalists in the Best Photographer category are Tom Barnes, Corinne Cumming, Ben Gibson, Ross Halfin, Paul Harries, Jennifer McCord and John McMurtrie.

Georgina Pavelin, Marketing Manager, explained why Olympus chose to get involved: “Olympus is celebrating music photography by supporting our friends at the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

“Many photographers choose this genre for their passion – or in fact – music photography chooses them – and we are proud to sponsor the Best Photographer category to recognise some fantastic talent and inspiring imagery.

“Olympus are working with various music photographers to share this message; from father and son team, Ross and Oliver Halfin, Tony McGee with his iconic Bowie images, Jill Furmanovski with Rock Archives collection and many more; we want to educate and support photographers at all stages to create high quality images that last.

“Music photography is notoriously tough; whether just starting out and getting jostled in the crowds, dropping your kit in the mud, finding the right lenses to capture the stage and working with difficult lighting; we are pleased to launch our flagship OM-D EM-1 Mark II camera to deliver in tough environments.

“Compatible also with our audio music recorders and LS-100 multi track, you have the perfect solution for great images, video, audio and more!”

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards, said: “We are thrilled to have Olympus, a true photography powerhouse, behind the HMAs.

“We received nominations for almost 150 photographers for HMA17 – the strength in depth is absolutely staggering. With that in mind, we feel strongly that music photographers deserve more recognition across the board and we are very proud to help celebrate their work with the help of Olympus.”

To explore the Olympus range of camera and audio equipment click here.

Jackson Guitars Sponsor Best Festival at HMA17

Jackson Guitars has lent its iconic name to the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

The Californian-based manufacturer – which counts members of such diverse acts as Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Anthrax, Machine Head, Limp Bizkit, Trivium, Gojira and Periphery among its artist portfolio – will sponsor and present the Best Festival Award at HMA17 on August 24.

The finalists for the Best Festival award are 2000 Trees, ArcTanGent, Bloodstock Open Air, Desertfest, Download, Reading & Leeds, and Slam Dunk.

Jackson Guitars – synonymous with breakthrough designs – was founded in the late 1970s and produces a series of custom and production instruments.

Iconic Jackson models include the Kelly™, King V™, Double Rhoads, Soloist™, bolt-on neck Dinky™, Concert™ Bass PC1 (based on Jackson’s signature model for Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen) and their most outlandish body design, the X-shaped Warrior™.

The HMA event, at House of Vans London, will feature a showcase display of Jackson Guitars allowing guests to shred on some of the latest models.

Helen Varley, EMEA Head of Marketing for Jackson said: “We are thrilled to support the new Heavy Music Awards and help to celebrate the diverse world of rock and metal music”.

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the HMAs, said: “It is an honour to welcome such a globally revered brand to the Heavy Music Awards.

“Jackson Guitars has a rich heritage of working with some of the most iconic guitarists in rock and metal history and we’re privileged to have them sponsor the Best Festival award.

“We look forward to welcoming the Jackson team to the HMAs and giving our guests the chance to get hands on with these amazing instruments.”

Click here to explore the Jackson Guitars range

Category Spotlight: Best UK Band

We’re taking a closer look at the finalists for the inaugural Heavy Music Awards – if you’re still trying to decide your favourite, or if you’d like to discover some new artists, this is a great place to start.

First up it’s Best UK Band, a category presented by Uprawr.

Please note: judges had the option to keep their votes private. The lists you see below are from judges who were happy to publicise their selections.


The release of ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ preceded a period of intense public grief for Brighton’s Architects, following the passing of guitarist Tom Searle. The band had just turned in what many critics hailed as a career-best album, and yet, even with such a huge emotional challenge to overcome, the band continue to build a reputation for their incendiary live show and genuine connection with their fanbase.

Architects received nominations from*: Tom Taaffe (UTA), Emma Van Duyts (Public City PR), Warul Islam (Communion), Stephen Hill (That’s Not Metal), Tom Stabb (Sony), Alex Herron (Scuzz), Sophie K (Freelance), Peu Cheung (ADA), Paul Towers (Impericon), Luke Logemann (UNFD), Louis Dale (Eagle Rock), James Monteith (Hold Tight PR), Joe Naan (Live Nation)…

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro straddle the fence between rock and pop – with a set that can easily be tweaked for Download or BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend – but with a catalogue that features more than its fair share of genuinely enormous riffs, their place among more traditionally heavy artists is assured. Seventh album ‘Ellipsis’ was released in July 2016 and promptly set up camp at the top of album charts in five countries, giving the Scottish trio their second UK number one album.

Biffy Clyro received nominations from*: Christian D’Acuna (The O2), Roberto Bua (Twickets), Smiley Dave (DJ / Presenter), Carly Maile (Somethin’ Else), Jo Kendall (Freelance), Jennyfer J. Walker (Freelance), Jack Parker (All Things Loud)…

Black Peaks

Brighton’s Black Peaks formed in 2012 under the name Shrine, and have gone on to produce a debut album, ‘Statues’, that is beloved to critics, fans and fellow artists. Vocalist Will Gardner possesses a unique range, often pivoting from guttural bellows to a delicate falsetto to rabid screams in the same song. The band’s invitation to open for fellow HMA17 finalists Deftones at their mammoth Wembley Arena show demonstrates their acceptance at the top table of heavy music.

Black Peaks received nominations from*: Emma Van Duyts (Public City PR), Stephen Hill (That’s Not Metal), Rob Collins (Cooking Vinyl), Lauren Reading-Gloversmith (Inception PR), Lottie Hunt (BIMM), Mark Rawlings (EMP), Andy Saiker (Warner), Callum Galbraith (Universal), Christopher Lee (Punktastic), Daniel P. Carter (BBC Radio 1 Rock Show)…

Black Sabbath

If you need an introduction to Black Sabbath, you’re on the wrong website.

Black Sabbath received nominations from*: Michelle Wood (Songkick), Renaud Doucet (Deezer), Ben Ward (UTA), Tony Wilson (TotalRock), Tom Lynam (Tone Management), Will Beardmore (Warner), Ryan J. Downey (Superhero Artist Management)…

Bring Me The Horizon

Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon have carved out a career many of their contemporaries can only envy – creative freedom, a steady growth to arena-level success across the world, and – almost in spite of their detractors – the talent and courage to venture into areas few would even dream of visiting. The success of their 2016 Royal Albert Hall show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust – backed by a full orchestra – hints at even more exciting curveballs in the future.

Bring Me The Horizon received nominations from*: Andrew Daw (Universal), Jon Mahon (Generation Entertainment), Daniel P. Carter (BBC Radio 1 Rock Show), Helen Buffett (Eagle Rock), Jack Davis (Uprawr), Mel Clarke (DJ), Paul Shuff (Freelance), James Loughrey (Producer), Lais Martins Waring (LD Communications)…


Having emerged from Southampton’s dark underworld and signed to Roadrunner Records, Creeper have made fast work of winning over fans and industry alike. Their debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ arrived in March 2017, but while their rapid success has elevated them to cover stars seemingly overnight, it is the band’s impeccable attention to songcraft and visual detail that has transcended the horror punk scene they cherish so dearly, firming up that indisputable connection with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Creeper received nominations from*: Gus Hully (Official Charts Company), Will Beardmore (Warner), Mike Heath (Dead Press), Dave Rajan (Parlophone), Jack Parker (All Things Loud), Jamie Graham (Sumerian), Liam Spencer (Artery Global), Chloe Scannapieco (Freelance), Jack McGurran (Rock Entertainment), James Isaacs (Blackfinch Design), Stephen Hill (That’s Not Metal), Emma Davis (CAA), Corinne Cumming (Captured By Corinne), Lauren Reading-Gloversmith (Inception PR)…

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes

Having enjoyed critical success in both Gallows and Pure Love, Frank Carter’s latest project sees him settling into a role that the Watford vocalist says himself fits better than ever. Their relentless touring schedule has seen them build a reputation as a fearsome live spectacle, while the fearlessness of their songwriting endears the band to fans of anything from crusty streetpunk to Britpop.

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes received nominations from*: Christopher Lee (Punktastic), Sue Reinhardt (Eleven Seven), Will Beardmore (Warner), Judith Fisher (BJF Media & PR), Mike James (TotalRock), Christian D’Acuna (The O2), Ben Davis (Ben Davis Touring), Adrian Storry (DJ / Promoter), Steph Van Spronsen (Live Nation)…


*This list is just a selection of judges to have nominated this artist.

Rocksteady Backs Heavy Music Awards 2017

The UK’s largest rock school for children has been named an “Official Supporter” of the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

Now in its tenth year, Rock Steady Music School is inspiring a new generation of young people and teaches more than 10,000 four to eleven year old’s every week to play music in their own bands, while also providing full-time employment opportunities to credible musicians all over the country.

Music industry veteran and CEO of Rocksteady, Scott Monks said: “I have been impressed by the level of involvement Heavy Music Awards has achieved from the industry and also their voting mechanic which uses credible industry experts in a vote to create a list of nominees and then ultimately gives the fans the final say.

“Rocksteady love to celebrate all that is good about the music scene, plus we love a good party so I said count us in!”

Explaining why it is important to empower young people through music at an early age, Monks added: “Through our unique methodologies and passionate culture developed over the last ten years, we are able to get any child playing real music on quality instruments in their own band within ten minutes, even if they have never played before.

“This has a massive impact on their confidence and is transformational for music education.”

The team at Rocksteady will attend HMA17 at House of Vans London on August 24.

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards, said: “Discovering and nurturing talent is such an important part of the music scene and we are very proud to be working with Rocksteady Music School to showcase the opportunities they provide for young children, many of whom will be picking up a guitar or drumstick for the first time.”

Rocksteady is the largest and fastest growing rock school for children in the UK.

In addition to weekly band lessons to more than 10,000 kids, Rocksteady also delivers free live music experiences to tens of thousands of children every year.

Through its in-house, self-funded Rocksteady Foundation, Rocksteady also provides free charity days and hundreds of free bursary spaces to young people who would not otherwise be able to access the programme.

More information about Rocksteady can be found at rocksteadymusicschool.com or by emailing info@rocksteadymusicschool.com

UPRAWR Sponsors Best UK Band at HMA17

The Best UK Band Award at the HMAs is to be sponsored by one of Europe’s leading rock clubs, UPRAWR.

Alongside the “infamous” Birmingham nightclub, UPRAWR regularly host parties at leading festivals including Download and Slam Dunk.

They also host after parties, opening parties and VIP events for festivals and brands such as Warped Tour and will run the official after party for the Heavy Music Awards at House of Vans London on August 24.

Total UPRAWR – the parent company founded seven years ago – also runs an internationally renowned publishing company (UPRAWR Publishing) and 5* rehearsal studios at their Birmingham venue.

UPRAWR studios are a reincarnation of the prestigious Madhouse rehearsals and boasts 12 fully equipped studios a fully stocked licensed bar and coffee shop.

Also part of the Total UPRAWR estate is The Asylum, a live music venue which regular hosts bands across the heavy music scene.

Jack Daniel, co-founder of Total UPRAWR, said: “Total UPRAWR is extremely excited to be a part of the first ever HMAs.

“Over the last seven years we’ve championed a long list of British bands through our club nights all over the UK.

“Now having launched UPRAWR Rehearsal Studios and UPRAWR Music Publishing, we’re seeing bands careers develop from their first practice to signing record and publishing deals.

“Sponsoring the ‘Best UK Band Award’ feels like a great way for us to continue backing the fantastic heavy music we’ve seen develop since launching seven years ago.”

Dave Bradley of the Heavy Music Awards said: “We’re so pleased to have UPRAWR involved with the HMAs as sponsor and running the official After Party.

“UPRAWR events are a total experience, not just a another club night, brilliant!”

Find out more at https://totaluprawr.com

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