Back in June, our charity World Cup sweepstake was a little sideshow to the main event in Russia – but in the midst of preparations for the second annual Heavy Music Awards, we’re ashamed to say we never formally announced HMA18 Best UK Breakthrough Band finalists Conjurer as the winners of that sweepstake, having been drawn out of the hat alongside eventual champions France way back at the start of the summer.

The prize – which is a combination of £150 from the HMAs and £100 generously thrown in by our HMA18 Education Partner BIMM – has been donated to the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, as selected by the band themselves.

In Conjurer’s own words: “After winning the HMA World Cup Sweepstakes, we’ve chosen to make a donation to the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association.

“For those that don’t know, TN is a chronic pain condition affecting the Trigeminal nerve in the face. Informally known as ‘The Suicide Disease’, it’s an absolutely devastating illness about which very little is known. Brady’s Dad has suffered with it for years and we’ve seen it effect every aspect of his life, including his ability to enjoy music – those that know him and the family understand just how heartbreaking this is.

“TNA UK offer a support network to those afflicted and fund research projects to try and combat the condition and we’re hoping that this donation will go some small way to aiding them, as well as hopefully raising awareness about the condition and those it effects.”

The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK (TNA UK) provide information, support and encouragement to those who suffer this excruciatingly painful condition. Their aim is to raise awareness of TN within the medical community and the general public at large. As a registered charity, TNA UK is entirely dependent on donations and annual membership fees in order to continue its work, receiving no funding whatsoever from government or corporate organisations. You can find out more about TNA UK at their website.

We are incredibly honoured to be making this donation on behalf of Conjurer and would like to thank BIMM for their contribution – and all the bands – for being a part of the sweepstake.