The Heavy Music Awards has teamed with a movement which campaigns to make gigs a safer place for women.

Launched in 2015, Safe Gigs for Women is run entirely by volunteers with a mission to stamp out the risk of sexual harassment at music events across the UK.

The initiative has three key aims:

To work with gig goers in spreading the word that it is not okay to grope, threaten or harass others and to encourage victims to speak out and supporters to advocate that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

To team up with venues to ensure they take reports of sexual harassment and other threats to women seriously and create a “safe venue” standard.

To connect with bands and artists to promote the recognition of standards, talk about SGfW work and to share with their audiences the importance of recognising and sharing acceptable behaviour codes.

Tracey Wise, a founder of the cause, revealed why it is necessary to seek a change of environment for women as gigs and festivals.

“Safe Gigs for Women was founded after I was sexually assaulted, and not for the first time, at a live event in 2015.

“As someone for whom music is everything, it is unbelievable that women attending music are facing this.

“We look to work with gig goers, venues, festivals and bands and artists to take a proactive stance to get sexual harassment and assault out of our music scenes.

“We are hugely excited to work with the Heavy Music Awards to take this message further.”

Andy Pritchard, from the Heavy Music Awards, described the initiative as “vitally progressive”.

He added: “The Heavy Music Awards is very proud to play a part in supporting Safe Gigs for Women to help create a safer and more enjoyable experience for women at shows.

“Everyone involved with the HMAs is a music fan first and foremost. While the majority of artists may be men, the heavy music scene is renowned for being welcoming regardless of your gender.

“We’d like to underline our commitment to that by partnering with an initiative that is doing great things for the safety of females in what should always be a fun and secure environment.”

For more information about Safe Gigs for Women click here