Creeper to Headline Heavy Music Awards 2017

Creeper will headline the Heavy Music Awards 2017 at House of Vans London.

Fresh from playing the Vans Warped Tour in the United States, the horror-punk six-piece – who’s debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ hit the UK’s top 20 earlier this year – will lead the line-up on August 24 at the inaugural HMAs.

In addition to performing, Creeper are finalists in the Best UK Band category – presented by Uprawr – and the result of the public vote will be announced on the night.

Speaking on playing the HMAs, the south coast sextet said in a statement: “We are excited to perform at the Heavy Music Awards.

“We believe that the initiative to create an impartial awards celebration – which truly sees peers and contemporaries from the alternative world nominating and voting for the best heavy music out there today – is very important.

“It’s an honour to be nominated for an HMA, and to play at the ceremony.”





Opening the main stage will be fast-rising Scottish rockers Vukovi, who head to Reading and Leeds Festival the following day.

Vocalist Janine Shilstone told the HMAs, “[It’s the] first ever awards show the band have been invited to – and to top to it off the HMA gods wants us to perform. Double whammy.”





Special guests Dead! – nominees in the Best Breakthrough Band category, presented by House of Vans London – will get the HMAs warmed up with a performance on the venue’s second stage.

A very special guest will be announced shortly as main support on the main stage.

Access to the event is by invitation only, but there are a handful of tickets left to win – keep an eye out for a special competition very shortly.

HMA17 Best Breakthrough Band Longlist Part 2: E-N

With the public voting now closed for the Heavy Music Awards 2017, and in the run up to the event on August 24 at House of Vans London, we are revealing the longlists of our categories, as nominated by our judging panel of over 300 industry experts.

For the Best Breakthrough Band category – presented by House of Vans London – we received almost 200 nominations – with the criteria stating that an artist must have released their first official single, EP or album in 2016.

With so many nominations, we have decided to break down the list into three segments. Below you’ll find the second part of the list, covering E through N.

The finalists, as announced in May, are:

Black Peaks (Easy Life)
Black Foxxes (Universal)
Casey (Hassle)
Dead! (Infectious)
I Prevail (Fearless)
Venom Prison (Prosthetic)
Zeal & Ardor (Radicalis / MVKA)

You can listen to tracks from each artist – and discover some new artists while you’re at it – via the embedded playlist at the bottom of this post.


HMA17 Best Breakthrough Band – The Longlist

Eat Fast
Elephant Tree
Fire From The Gods
Fizzy Blood
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
Glam Skanks
God Damn
Gone Is Gone
Good Tiger
Grumble Bee
Highly Suspect
I Prevail
I, The Mapmaker
Immolated Moth
Kamikaze Girls
King Nun
Knocked Loose
Last In Line
Lody Kong
Making Monsters
Nova Twins


Sophie K and Alex Baker to Present Heavy Music Awards

Broadcasters Sophie K and Alex Baker are to present the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

The duo – who both present popular shows on Kerrang! Radio – will take the helm at House of Vans London on August 24.

Sophie K presents the weekday breakfast show on the rock and metal station while Alex fronts Fresh Blood every Wednesday night.

Speaking to the HMAs Sophie K, who also presents for Scuzz TV and is UK correspondent for Alternative Press USA, said: “Before I even knew what the Heavy Music Awards were I said yes because I know the team from being the best at what they do.

“There is something so special about the HMAs and I feel it’s exactly what the British rock scene needs.

“While people are saying rock is dead, as fans we know its not.

“It’s as strong as it’s ever been, it’s just evolved. The HMAs is an award ceremony designed for the fans and already the level of response has proved how much rock fans care.

“The thing I love about this event is it is actually decided by fans, your votes genuinely matter.

“The tables have turned, the media used to tell us what to like and had all the power but now we decide.

“That is why I am so excited about the HMAs, we get to see which bands matter to you and for the first time show support to people who are making a big difference but often don’t get recognised, such as photographers. Plus its a chance to catch some great live music and have a few drinks, who wouldn’t be excited about that.”

Speaking on the HMAs, Alex Baker, who has been supporting and breaking new talent in the scene since 2007, said: “I am humbled and stoked beyond words to have been asked to present the inaugural Heavy Music Awards – it is a true celebration of the best of the best in our scene.

“I mean look at the fucking nominees! Actually stop for a moment and look at that list!! 100 per cent credibility, 100 per cent integrity. The House Of Vans is going to go off on the night, and I cannot wait.”

HMA17 Young Photographer Competition Winner Announced

The winner of the HMA17 Young Photographer Competition has been crowned following a furiously fought public vote.

Picking up well over 500 votes means Nathan Robinson‘s image of Trivium’s Matt Heafy at Manchester Academy is our winner.

Nathan will now be joining a host of professional photographers at HMA17 to shoot the red carpet, presentation and live bands at House of Vans London on 24 August.

The Young Photographer Competition has received a huge amount of interest since its launch, with more than 60,000 Facebook users viewing the finalists’ photographs in just 10 days. We’d like to express our gratitude to all photographers who took the time to enter, and to everyone who took the time to like and share the images.

Take a look at the full gallery here.

The Best Photographer category at HMA17 is presented by Olympus.

HMA17 Best Breakthrough Band Longlist Part 1: A-D

With the public voting now closed for the Heavy Music Awards 2017, and in the run up to the event on August 24 at House of Vans London, we are revealing the longlists of our categories, as nominated by our judging panel of over 300 industry experts.

For the Best Breakthrough Band category – presented by House of Vans London – we received almost 200 nominations – with the criteria stating that an artist must have released their first official single, EP or album in 2016.

With so many nominations, we have decided to break down the list into three segments. Below you’ll find the first part of the list, covering A through D.

The finalists, as announced in May, are:

Black Peaks (Easy Life)
Black Foxxes (Universal)
Casey (Hassle)
Dead! (Infectious)
I Prevail (Fearless)
Venom Prison (Prosthetic)
Zeal & Ardor (Radicalis / MVKA)

You can listen to tracks from each artist – and discover some new artists while you’re at it – via the embedded playlist at the bottom of this post.


HMA17 Best Breakthrough Band – The Longlist

Abandoned By Bears
Against The Current
Andy Black
Angel Du$t
Area 11
As Sirens Fall
Astroid Boys
Bad Omens
Bad Sign
Better Than Never
Big Jesus 
Big Spring
Black Foxxes 
Black Peaks
Blood Youth
Boston Manor 
Breathe in the Silence
Bright Curse
Broken Teeth
Buffalo Summer 
Can’t Swim
Carcer City
Chapter & Verse
Church Of The Cosmic Skull
Coast To Coast
Cover Your Tracks
Culture Abuse
Cursed Earth
Cyborg Octopus
Danny Worsnop
Darke Complex
Despite Everything
Dream Wife


Best International Band Sponsored By PPL

Music licensing company PPL has been announced as the sponsor of the Best International Band category at the Heavy Music Awards 2017.

A Day To Remember, Beartooth, Deftones, Every Time I Die, Ghost, Gojira and Metallica are challenging for the accolade, which will be decided by public vote.

The award will be presented by PPL on stage at House of Vans London on August 24.

Speaking about the HMAs, Peter Leathem, Chief Executive of PPL said: “We are delighted to support the Heavy Music Awards this year.

“Metal and all heavier forms of music are important to PPL, and it is a genre which has experienced unwavering loyalty from its fans for many decades.

“We look forward to celebrating the scene’s achievements on August 24.”

Founded in 1934, PPL collects money for tens of thousands of performers and record labels.

The organisation licenses recorded music in the UK when it is played in public or broadcast and ensures that revenue flows back to its members.

These include both independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging grassroots artists through to established session musicians and influential festival headliners.

Co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards, Andy Pritchard, said: “I struggle to think of anything more important in modern music than ensuring that emerging artists are rewarded for their work.

“PPL is such an important organisation in many ways and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Heavy Music Awards.”

PPL is separate to PRS for Music, a company which collects and distributes money on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers, for the use of their musical compositions and lyrics.

Click PPL for more information

Interview: A Few Minutes with Safe Gigs for Women

Heavy Music Awards is proud to support Safe Gigs for Women, an initiative set-up by volunteers with the aim of creating a safer environment for women at live music events.

We caught up recently with co-founder of Safe Gigs for Women, Tracey, to chat through everything from the power of Twitter to their admiration for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

HMAs: Whilst your work within the music field is largely recognised, for those that may not know, what is the message that Safe Gigs for Women is sending to the public?

Tracey: That live music is a community, festivals are a community. The force of music that we love should transcend something so base. We need to own our music scenes – venues, festivals, promoters, bands and music fans to proactively take on the issue of sexual harassment and assault in live music.

HMAs: Social media has enabled you to connect to people all over the world and create a community that promotes and shares the ethos of Safe Gigs for Women, but do you feel that the attitudes on social media are always beneficial to the cause?

Tracey: Social media is a massively interesting, but sometimes controversial tool. It has contributed to how we work, in that bands and artists have never been as easily accessible as they are today, so in sharing experiences with bands, and with women being able to share their experiences with us, it’s fantastically useful.  

HMAs: Do you think that the behaviour at festivals and concerts is worse now than they were in the past, or have we just become more aware and outspoken on the matter?

Tracey: I’m don’t think that this behaviour is new, or necessarily worse that it has ever been. What has changed though is that there are more opportunities to go to gigs and festivals than ever before, and a change in audiences too. Once upon a time, gigs and festivals, festivals in particular, were an outsider thing. Now they are an event, a thing to do. Which , so with more people attending festivals than before, we now have more people talking about these issues.

HMAs: In response to the recent incidents at the Swedish music festival Bravalla and its subsequent cancellation in 2018, do you feel those in charge of these large events are taking sexual assault more seriously?

Tracey: I think Bravalla will be a turning point. I hope that we will see many live events thinking what they can do to prevent things getting that way here. Large events should be considering the impact of the fall out from Bravalla, in terms of bad publicity, impact on attendance and think about the possible impact on their events. Take proactive measures now, talk to organisations like us that love music and want to see live music flourish, but in an environment safe for all.

HMAs: How do you think that partnerships with music events such as The Heavy Music Awards will help promote your message to the music industry and fans?

Tracey: It says the industry is beginning to see that action is needed. Woman are potentially 51 per cent of your audience – take us seriously and make our role in music matter.

HMAs: A growing amount of musicians have become involved with the fight for safer environments for women, do you think that being involved with The Heavy Music Awards will help increase this as new audiences are being reached? 

Tracey: Any time we have engagement with bands, we have a huge step up in followers. And this is why it is crucial that we have bands involved in supporting this cause. After the assault that happened to me that led to the creation of Safe Gigs for Women, one of the things that really stuck with me was that the band that I had gone to see would in no way of condoned what happened to me – anyone familiar with that band’s history would know that. If bands don’t want  this behaviour in their moshpit – speak up, be proactive!

HMAs: You are heavily involved in the music scene and have been lifelong music fans, is there anyone that you are hoping will do particularly well at The Heavy Music Awards this year?

Tracey: 2000 Trees, for sure. Such an amazing, fan led festival who we were working with this summer, and it’s fantastic to work with a festival wanting to take a proactive stance against sexual assault. It’s amazing to see a festival where the division between “artiste” and festival goers is almost non existent, where you see bands watching other bands, milling around the campsites, crowd surfing to acoustic sets.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes for Best UK Band and Best Live Band makes perfect sense to us. One of our team is still recovering from seeing him at 2000 Trees. And his work on gig safety whilst still having a completely involved crowd, with pits and crowd surfing makes for one hell of a gig. 

And being London based and spending a lot of time in Camden, the inclusion of the Black Heart is great to see. It’s a fantastic venue for promoting music as a community. And this is exactly what we want to see, a greater discussion of music as community, and that we maintain and look after that community.

HMAs: You say that your aims are to reach fans, bands and venues and that change cannot be achieved without all three of these groups involved, how can each of these get in contact with you and help the cause more?

Tracey: They are the three vital components to gigs, one cannot exist without the other. They have to come together to work to stop sexual harassment and assault. You can find us online at www.sgfw.org.uk, and on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about where we are and how to contact us.

EMP: “It’s going to be an amazing event”

With just over one month until the first Heavy Music Awards, we sat down at House of Vans London with Headline Sponsor EMP to chat about the big night and their ranges of exclusive merchandise.

EMP’s social media guru Elena Marastoni met music broadcaster Smiley Dave, watch the full interview below:


Believe Backs Best Producer Award at HMA17

The Best Producer category at the Heavy Music Awards 2017 is to be sponsored by Believe Distribution Services.

Believe offers a range of “smart” marketing and distribution services to labels and artists across the world including online distribution, trade marketing, video and unique synchronisation services.

The company prides itself as “a team of international music-loving professionals who have been handpicked from across the music industry to provide high level strategy and support to our clients”.

Believe’s client list includes Xtra Mile, One Little Indian, UNFD, Earache, and Season of Mist.

They will attend the Heavy Music Awards at House of Vans London on August 24 and present the Best Producer Award.

Andy Bibey, Senior Label Manager at Believe, said: “We’re incredibly pleased to further our involvement with the Heavy Music Awards and partner with them to support the very first (and hopefully annual) event.

“Believe are proud to be sponsors of the Best Producer category, which features an incredibly talented array of nominees.

“Working closely with labels and artists in this genre for distribution and marketing, it’s great to see the scene thriving like it currently is, thanks to the hard work by the producers, artists, labels, distributors and all others alike”.

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the Heavy Music Awards, said: “We are delighted to welcome Believe to the HMAs.

“Their involvement underlines the quality that is involved in all aspects of this event.”

Believe has over 400 employees globally with offices in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, LATAM, Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

The company empowers artists and labels to maximize the value of their music in the transitioning digital music space by providing them with a full suite of services: digital music and video distribution, digital marketing and promotion services, synchronization and neighboring rights management, full label services including international physical distribution and campaign management, as well as in-house record label AllPoints, and DIY distribution platform TuneCore.

Believe prides itself on providing personal tailor made services for each label and artist and leverages its network of 32 offices around the world staffed with local music industry and digital marketing experts to support its clients on a global basis.

Championing innovation and transparency throughout its ten-year history, Believe has developed leading in-house technology as well as a range of analytical and promotional tools to help labels & artists leverage the benefits of digital.

Believe is the digital distribution home to the likes of Brownswood Recordings, Southern Fried, Hospital Records, Tru Thoughts, One Little Indian, Future Classic, World Circuit, Nettwerk Records, Soundway, Kartel Label Services, Xtra Mile Recordings, Saregama, Soulfood Distribution, Distri, AFM Records, Parov Stelar, K-Tel, Scorpio Music, Halidon, Chinese Man Records, Nowadays Records, Delicieuse Records, Prime Direct and Southern Record Distribution.

Believe’s in-house label AllPoints and Label Services department has delivered globally successful release campaigns for James Vincent McMorrow, Gavin James, Devlin, Youssoupha, Grand Corps Malade, Breton and Public Service Broadcasting, achieving multiple chart successes and sales certifications.

For more information, visit believemusic.com

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