Allianz Musical Insurance Announced as Official Insurance Partner for HMA18

Allianz Musical Insurance, part of Allianz Group, the biggest insurance group in the world, is supporting the Heavy Musical Awards 2018.

Allianz Musical Insurance offers cover to musicians for all types of instruments and equipment, and takes the role of Official Insurance Partner at HMA18.

Founded in 1960, Allianz Musical Insurance is the UK’s leading specialist insurer of musical instruments, covering over 70,000 musicians from students to internationally renowned artists.

Allianz Musical Insurance’s specialist claims team works with organisations across the world to help reunite musicians with their lost and stolen instruments, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing excellent service.

Clarice Goff, Senior Marketing Executive, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with the Heavy Music Awards to support and recognise the best talent in heavy music.

“We strongly believe in the importance of supporting the next generation of musicians and hope that our partnership ensures more musicians can follow their passion and focus on making awesome music.”

Co-Founder of the Heavy Music Awards, Iain Johnson, said: “The involvement of Allianz Musical Insurance underlines the HMAs’ commitment to focusing behind the scenes as well as on stage and we are delighted to have them on-board.”

Find out more about Allianz Musical Insurance at allianzmusic.co.uk or call 0330 100 9903.

HMA18 Voting Panel Unveiled

To mark the beginning of the Heavy Music Awards’ second year, we are proud to reveal the first wave of names for the HMA18 voting panel.

The initial list includes in excess of 300 figures from diverse roles across the heavy music spectrum, with roles at the likes of (in no particular order) Universal, Warner, Sony, PPL, Island, Music Week, BBC Radio 1, AIM, Roadrunner, Gibson, UTA, Punktastic, DHP, Believe, Nuclear Blast, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Live Nation UK / France / Denmark, YouTube, Eagle Rock, Ents24, MTV, Shazam, Cooking Vinyl, Orange, The O2, Unified, Killing Moon, Holy Roar, Northern Music, Incendia, ITB, Sumerian, Rise, DawBell, KMGMT, MJR, Scuzz, Bauer, Devil PR, BIMM, TotalRock, Ticketmaster, Official Charts Company, Noisey / VICE, BBC Music Introducing, Caroline, Face Down, LD Communications, Public City PR, Russells, Hassle, Kinda, ADA, Eccentric Gent, Rocket Music, Overdrive, All Things Loud, Inception Press, The Metal Tris, Discovered, Already Heard, Wacken, Raw Power, K2, Moshhh, Generation Entertainment, Atlantic Records, X-Ray Touring, Artery Global, Venn Records, Earache, Eleven Seven, Impericon, Music For Nations, Imperial Music, AC Promotions, the European Space Agency and many, many more.

View the panel here.

HMAs co-founder Dave Bradley said, “The Heavy Music Awards is firmly built around the involvement of our panel – their backgrounds and tastes are wonderfully eclectic, but they are all united by their passion for heavy music and the desire to see these incredibly talented people given the recognition they deserve. Every single person on this panel lives and breathes heavy music.

“We’re still welcoming names to the panel, but we’re proud that the goals we set ourselves after 2017 are already being hit – for example an increased percentage of women on the panel, further representation from further afield geographically, and a conscious effort to welcome more talented individuals who are invested twenty-four-seven within the live circuit around the entire UK, the beating heart of the heavy music ecosystem.”

Matt Taylor of the European Space Agency – famed for both his work on the Rosetta mission and his love of metal – joins the panel for the first time in 2018. He said, “I am honoured and slightly nervous to be honest, this isn’t my normal day to day activity. However, I listen to metal while doing my normal day to day activity. So, for the HMAs, It’s not rocket science. I hope.”

Once again offering a democratic cross-section which forms the basis of the Heavy Music Awards voting process, before the public has their say on the overall winners. The panel’s selections form the HMA18 shortlists for each category, which will be announced publicly at the HMA18 launch event at Gorilla, Manchester on 25 April. To register for the ticket ballot for Gorilla, click here.

Winners will be announced at the Heavy Music Awards 2018 at KOKO, London on 23 August.

If you work professionally or semi-professionally in the music industry and would like to apply to be on the HMA18 panel, please click here.

HMAs Celebrate Birthday by Welcoming Jägermeister as Drinks Partner

The Heavy Music Awards has celebrated its first birthday by announcing the appointment of Jägermeister as Drinks Partner for 2018.

The iconic German herbal liqueur – synonymous with the heavy music scene – will be served to guests at the HMA18 launch in Manchester and the main event at Koko, London in August.

Renowned for its masterful blend of 56 botanicals, the “unique elixir” was developed by Curt Mast from a secret recipe and launched in Germany 82 years ago.

On March 1, 2017, the Heavy Music Awards was launched.

In its first year, almost 100,000 votes were cast with Architects, Enter Shikari, Black Sabbath, Download Festival, Gojira, Ghost and I Prevail among the winners.

Also shining a light off stage, HMAs were presented to photographer Ben Gibson, producers Henrik Udd and Fredrik Nordström and O2 Academy Brixton.

Tom Carson, from Jägermeister, revealed why the iconic brand chose to back the HMAs.

“We are really pleased to align ourselves with the Heavy Music Awards, an event that was created to celebrate talent, achievement and diversity in heavy music,” he revealed.

“The fact that the winners are chosen by the public is important to us, we cherish the relationship that we have with our consumers and Jägermeister is all about passion, truth and quality.”

Heavy Music Awards Co-Founder, Andy Pritchard, said: “Jägermeister has become a part of the heavy music zeitgeist – not only does the brand’s philosophy fit perfectly with that of the HMAs, their commitment to supporting this scene to such exacting standards sets a wonderful benchmark.

“Jäger is also a great way to kick off a massive party, which is something we can all get behind.”

You can find out more about Jägermeister at their website here. Please enjoy responsibly.

BIMM Returns in Expanded Education Partner Role for HMA18

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), Europe’s largest provider of contemporary music education, has returned to the HMAs for a second year as Education Partner.

The partnership has been expanded for 2018, with four BIMM students being given the chance to fully immerse themselves in the awards programme – from event production through to front of house sound engineering.

Leo Nicholas, Head of Careers & Industry, BIMM London said, “Having been the Education Partner for the inaugural HMAs in 2017, we wanted to continue our support for the scheme and give our students the opportunity to be even more involved in this year’s events.

“BIMM has played host to some of the biggest and brightest in rock and metal including Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine), Josh Homme (QOTSA), Rob Trujillo (Metallica), Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), Andrew W.K., Lower Than Atlantis, Halestorm & Arcane Roots.”

50 Years’ Experience

BIMM has colleges in seven cities – London, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham – and boasts more than 50 years’ experience in helping students launch successful careers in the music industry, while also getting the chance to enjoy direct access to regular collaborative experiences, including masterclasses hosted by internationally renowned guest artists, end-of-term gigs, A&R panels, the annual BIMM album, and ongoing engagement with the industry, including work placements and internships.

Their high standard of educational provision has been commended by the Quality Assurance Agency – the independent body entrusted with monitoring standards in Higher Education – in their Higher Education Review (HER).

Former students of BIMM include members of Architects, Periphery, The Xcerts and As Lions.

Speaking about the organisation, Roger Daltrey of The Who, remarked “Every facet is taken care of, you’ll always be able to survive in this business if you’ve been through a course like this.”



“BIMM fits perfectly with the HMA ethos”

HMAs co-founder Andy Pritchard said, “The Heavy Music Awards exists to celebrate those who are working hard to build a more positive community around heavy music. Continuing the partnership with BIMM fits perfectly with that ethos and we are delighted that we can offer even more value to the students, who will pick up some invaluable experience through their involvement with the HMAs.”

The HMAs will be working with four students from different BIMM courses – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production – and following their journey through to the second Heavy Music Awards at London’s KOKO on 23 August.

Lower Than Atlantis at BIMM


BIMM offers a broad range of Higher and Further Education music courses – including BA Honours Degrees, nationally accredited Diplomas and Postgraduate Teaching Certificates.

Their professional highly vocational and real-world courses include studies in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, songwriting, music production, live sound, music business, music journalism and event management.

The first BIMM college opened in 2001 in Brighton and today more than 6,500 students have access to a range of amazing opportunities as part of their aligned network of colleges.

Between them, BIMM alumni boast BRIT, MOBO and Ivor Novello awards, and have scored countless UK Top 10 albums and more than 30 UK Top 40 singles.

You can find out more about BIMM here.

Producer Henrik Udd Discusses Recording Architects’ ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’

Henrik Udd – alongside Fredrik Nordström – forms one half of the production team behind a number of bona fide classics in modern heavy music. In additon to Architects’ ‘Lost Forever / Lost Together’ and ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ – winner of Best Album at HMA17, at which Udd and Nordström jointly picked up the Best Producer award – Udd has also set an incredibly high bar with production work on LPs from Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, Delain, Powerwolf, I Killed The Prom Queen, Hammerfall and many more.


Heavy Music Awards 2017 - Photo by Niki Jones


Hi Henrik. Could you tell us about your path to becoming a producer? Was it always your ambition?
It wasn’t really my plan to become one in the first place and I don’t always consider myself as a 100% producer! I just love everything about music production, from mixing, mastering, dialling in tones etc and in metal music it’s pretty typical that the guy who does all these things is the producer.

How did you come to be working together with Fredrik?
While going to audio school I started interning in the studio, back in 2003. My first gig was moving kick drums on Dimmu Borgir’s legendary ‘Death Cult Armageddon’ album that Fredrik was working on during my first 5 weeks of internship. After finishing audio education I got really fed up with my current job so I decided to quit one day and went straight to the studio asking Fredrik if I could do some more internship. That later led to me getting full-time employment when the previous guy working there decided to leave.

Could you describe your role in the studio when you are working together?
In January 2017 I started up my own company so I’m no longer employed by Studio Fredman. Working together with Fredrik has been great and it lasted for over 10 years. We’ve been able to complement each other in many ways and it’s a huge advantage to have another colleague around at all times and be able to get each other’s opinions on something on the spot. Or, if someone is mixing, the other one can come in with fresh ears and point out what could be better etc.


Architects with Henrik Udd and Fredrik Nordström


Photo: Andrew Hayball


Could you give us a quick description of the studio set-up for ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’?

We started by recording the drums for all songs to the pre-recorded guide guitars. Dan played on his SJC Custom kit.

  • Snare drum top and bottom were mic’d with a Sanken CU 31 (Japanese small condenser mic)
  • Kick drum were mic’d with a Shure SM91 inside the kick drum and a U67 mic outside
  • Toms were mic’d with a Shure Beta 56
  • Main overheads were mic’d with Neumann KM 184
  • There’s some support mics for ride, splash and china which is Shure KSM141
  • The pre-amps for the mics are SSL Xlogic SuperAnalogue Channelstrip and Vintech x473

After the drums where finished we did the rhythm guitars and also started off bass guitar.

  • The guitars were Mayones
  • The amps we used were an EVH III, Peavey 5150, Diezel Herbert and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • We used cabs from ENGL, Marshall and Mesa Boogie
  • All the rhythm guitars were quad tracked, i.e. recorded 4 times

The bass guitars were from Dingwall for the lowest tuned songs and from Sandberg for the rest. Bass guitar was a  straight line signal into Pro Tools Sansamp plugin.

We also started to do vocals as early as possible since it’s good for the vocalist not have to rush it all out in the end when everyone else has finished recording.

Sam sang into a CM47 Advanced Audio Microphone. The pre-amp is an SSL XLogic Superanalogue Channelstrip with some moderate compression.

Before ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, you first worked with Architects on ‘Lost Forever / Lost Together’, which was viewed by many people as the band’s finest album to that point. How did your approach change for the ‘All Our Gods…’? Was there any pressure?
I felt some pressure during the mixing process cause I knew it would get really hard to top the previous album. But the songs and source material that this band deliver is always top quality which helps tremendously to make things a lot easier for the mixer. I could tell straight away from the demos that this had some kind of dark themed shadow over it all and it almost made me feel uneasy but in a beautiful way. For me, it’s all about trying to capture this and trying to make it as good as it can possibly get.

Your relationship with Architects seems to have become almost like family now – how would you describe that relationship? And how does that differ to working with other artists?
If the chemistry is right, this kind of family member relationship as you say, is something that will happen in many cases when working intensely and close to each other with a common goal. What’s a little bit unusual with Architects as a band is the warm hearted chemistry within the band towards each other. In many bands there’s this strong hierarchy and a competitive feeling which doesn’t really open up the group to anyone on the outside. There’s probably a hierarchy in Architects to but they’re all just genuinely nice guys!

Obviously ‘All Our Gods…’ has become an even more significant album as it was Tom Searle’s swansong. Clearly this had a huge influence on the songs and lyrics – how would you say it impacted the recording process?
I don’t think I really understood the state that Tom was in. He kept the spirits and mood so high and enjoyed recording so much. Such a funny guy, it was a joy being around him in the studio. There was one time in the middle of Tom’s guitar recording where he had to fly back to England to do some unplanned extensive surgery. I thought that the recording would be paused and pushed forward from there on – or maybe never finished – but he came back the very next day ready to get back on it again. Such a trooper!


Heavy Music Awards 2017 - Photo by Niki Jones


Why do you think fans and industry have connected with ‘All Our Gods…’ in such a positive way?
I think the songwriting, performance and production on this album is great and it has some real weight to the lyrics. Sam’s ways of expressing those words together with the heavy rhythms and beautiful ambient soundscape speaks to a lot of people I guess.

What projects are you working on now?
Right now I’m mixing a really cool band called Myrath. It’s a progressive oriental metal band from Tunisia.

Heavy Music Awards 2018 to be Televised on Scuzz

The Heavy Music Awards is to be televised on Scuzz for a second year, following the channel’s appointment as Broadcast Partner for 2018.

Marking its 15th anniversary this year, the Sony-owned TV station will air the second HMAs on August 23, at KOKO, London and will once again build up to the event with a series of one-hour finalists shows.

Alex Herron, Senior Channel Manager at Sony Pictures Entertainment, who manages Scuzz on Sky 367 and Freesat 502, said: “It was a privilege to be on the HMAs maiden voyage and we’re stoked to return as Broadcast Partner this year.

“I look forward to seeing just how much this project can grow this time around – particularly in terms of the panel, the talent pool, and how we are upping the ante with the main event coverage on Scuzz TV.”



HMAs co-founder Dave Bradley said: “We are so pleased to have secured a new deal with Scuzz to air our second show.

“Last year fans tuned in in their droves to see the likes of Architects and Enter Shikari pick up awards on what was a memorable night for this great scene. We have some really exciting plans for the HMAs in 2018 and we’re thrilled that Scuzz are continuing with us on our journey to recognise the best that heavy music has to offer.”

You can keep up to date with Scuzz via their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Ticketmaster UK Becomes Official Ticketing Partner of HMA18

Universe, Ticketmaster’s self-service ticketing platform, has become the exclusive Official Ticketing Partner of the Heavy Music Awards 2018, covering ticket services for both the HMAs at London’s KOKO and the April launch event at Manchester’s Gorilla.

Andrew Parsons, Managing Director, Ticketmaster UK says, “The Heavy Music Awards act as an annual meeting point for the whole metal and rock family, their support of the genre in live entertainment is vital to ensuring continued success for the industry as a whole.

“We are proud to ticket some of the greatest rock and metal events in the UK, from festivals such as Download, to full grassroot and arena tours for bands like Creeper (pictured) and Enter Shikari.

“Ticketmaster recently worked with Iron Maiden to deliver a credit-card entry tour across the UK, reducing the number of tickets appearing on secondary sites by more than 95%.

“Partnering with the awards is a great opportunity for Ticketmaster to hang out with the genre’s promoters, artists and fiercely loyal fans.”


Heavy Music Awards 2017 - Photo by James North



The agreement represents the first time the Heavy Music Awards has welcomed an Official Ticketing Partner, and will see both brands working together to increase awareness of the HMAs’ finalists and winners throughout the year.

Iain Johnson, co-founder of the HMAs, said, “We are delighted to partner with Ticketmaster’s Universe for this year’s Heavy Music Awards for our events in both Manchester and London.

“The Ticketmaster team is clearly passionate about finding ways to take heavy music to a wider, global audience, which tallies up with our own philosophy and long-term plans.

“Having the largest ticketing company in the world involved with the Heavy Music Awards is another sign of this wonderful scene receiving the respect it deserves.”

Find out more about Ticketmaster UK at their website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.



Interested in partnering with the Heavy Music Awards? Drop us a line at team@heavymusicawards.com or call 01277 356200.

Eleven Seven Music Supports HMA18

Eleven Seven Music has become the latest international heavyweight to sign up in support the Heavy Music Awards 2018. The label, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin, has overseen consistent success with some of heavy music’s most iconic artists across both recorded output and touring.

Dan Waite, Managing Director Europe, said, “When the opportunity came up to support the Heavy Music Awards 2018, Eleven Seven Music jumped at the chance. With our acts, Five Finger Death Punch, Mötley Crüe, HELLYEAH, In Flames, Sixx:AM, Bad Wolves, Papa Roach and many more, we believe in supporting the awards and the music.

“In 2006, Eleven Seven emerged as the pre-eminent 21st century rock label. As the vision of Tenth Street Entertainment CEO Allen Kovac, this full-service independent powerhouse has achieved an unprecedented string of successes, including Billboard’s 2010 “Rock Label of the Year.

“Year after year, Eleven Seven Music has been a dominant label at rock radio and 2018 will be a big year for us with releases from Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Wolves, SIXX:AM, HELLYEAH, and Papa Roach. From radio and licensing, to publicity and marketing, Eleven Seven continues to set the pace for the rock vanguard.”


Papa Roach


Find out more about Eleven Seven Music at their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Interested in partnering with the Heavy Music Awards? Drop us a line at team@heavymusicawards.com or call 01277 356200.

Rise Records Signs Up to Support HMA18

US-based record label Rise Records has become the first official Industry Supporter of the Heavy Music Awards 2018.

Founded in 1991, the Portland-based label has built a reputation for being progressive and has embraced digital technology to break and support its artists on a global scale.

The label is home to established and emerging artists from all corners of the heavy music spectrum, including At The Drive-In, PVRIS, American Nightmare, Of Mice & Men, Knuckle Puck, Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, Hot Water Music, Cane Hill and many more.




Clare Maxwell, Head of Rise International and based in Rise’s London office, said, “It’s an honor to be involved in this years Heavy Music Awards.

“The HMAs represent everything wonderful about the scene we’re in. Great people recognising and awarding great music and having a hell of a party!”

You can find out more about Rise at their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.



Interested in partnering with the Heavy Music Awards? Drop us a line at team@heavymusicawards.com or call 01277 356200.

HMA18 Voting Panel Opened to All Industry Professionals

The Heavy Music Awards voting process begins with nominations from several hundred industry experts and professionals – a collective effort that aims to give a true reading of the current heavy music scene across a number of disciplines. Before the public voting begins, it is a way to hone the shortlists via the minds of those who work every single day at the beating heart of the industry.

With that in mind, it is imperative for the HMAs to ensure that industry panel is as far-reaching and comprehensive as possible. In year one, we welcome over 300 members to the panel. For 2018, we are looking to increase that number significantly.

If you work in music in a professional or semi-professional capacity, and you would like to join the panel – which simply requires you to nominate your favourites across 11 categories for 2017 – please click here to drop us a line.

The Heavy Music Awards 2018 takes place on Thursday 23 August 2018 at KOKO, London. Finalists will be announced at the HMA18 Launch Event at Gorilla, Manchester on 25 April.

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