Safe Gigs For Women Partners with HMAs for Second Year

Safe Gigs For Women has partnered with the Heavy Music Awards for a second year.

The campaign group – started in 2015 – is led entirely by volunteers to make gigs and festivals a safer environment for women by stamping out the risk of sexual harassment.

Sam Carter, lead singer of Architects, hit the headlines last year after calling out a male fan for allegedly committing such an offence at Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands.

Architects have since began working with Safe Gigs for Women after first meeting at House of Vans London during Heavy Music Awards 2017.

In 2018, Safe Gigs for Women has taken the position of “Official Supporter” at the HMAs.

The initiative has three key aims:

To work with gig goers in spreading the word that it is not okay to grope, threaten or harass others and to encourage victims to speak out and supporters to advocate that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

To team up with venues to ensure they take reports of sexual harassment and other threats to women seriously and create a “safe venue” standard.

To connect with bands and artists to promote the recognition of standards, talk about SGfW work and to share with their audiences the importance of recognising and sharing acceptable behaviour codes.

Mel Kelly, a member of the leadership team of SGFW, spoke about why a change in attitude is necessary to make gigs and festivals safer for women.

“Safe Gigs for Women was founded after our founder was sexually assaulted, and not for the first time, at a live event in 2015.

“Live music is so important to me and to so many women I know. Gigs and festivals are a huge part of my life.

“We are thrilled that the HMAs have chosen to support us so visibly again this year. We remain excited about working with them, with venues, musicians and the gig-going public to make sexual safety a priority in live music.

“Thank you so much to the management of the Heavy Music Awards for helping us spread the word.”

Iain Johnson, from the Heavy Music Awards, described the initiative as “important for the future of live music”.

He added: “The Heavy Music Awards is very proud to support Safe Gigs for Women once again.

“It is vital that we all work together to stamp out the risks of sexual assault at gigs and festivals and Safe Gigs for Women offer a very effective spearhead for that.

“Such behaviour should never be tolerated, we must stand together and stamp it out.”

For more information about Safe Gigs for Women click visit the official website, or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

BIMM x HMA18: Meet the Students – Chloe Berrell

As part of the HMAs partnership with our Official Education Partner BIMM, we’re giving a handful of students a chance to gain some first-hand experience of the music industry via the Heavy Music Awards’ own events and processes.

The students work across four courses at BIMM’s London campus – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production.

Today, we’re meeting Music Event Management student Chloe Berrell, who will be attending the HMA events and working directly with our team to actively shape the Heavy Music Awards for 2018 and beyond.

My time at BIMM London so far has definitely been an unforgettable experience. After only studying at the institute for two terms, I have been given many amazing opportunities to oversee the different roles within the music industry and to participate in managing a range of events. I have gained a lot of knowledge about how this industry works and have got to work with a diversity of talented people. Whilst completing different tasks, I have experienced both working in a team and working independently and how to get the best end result in each environment. Overall I have greatly enjoyed the many opportunities that BIMM has provided me with and I look forward to working on more in the future.

On the HMAs…
When BIMM provided its students with the opportunity to be involved with HMA18, I knew I had to apply as the event sounded very appropriate for me. I have always had a love for heavy music genres such as rock, metal and alternative and have enjoyed working on events within those genres as well. Also, I’m really hoping to push myself to work within a range of events in the following few years and I do believe working on an awards ceremony will be a new and exciting experience that I can learn a lot from. I feel like this opportunity will not only be enjoyable but will give me the experience and knowledge to take further steps to achieve my goals during my time at BIMM.

On your career goals…
As I don’t have a clear idea of a specific job that I would like to take up in the music industry, i would like to be able to work in many different areas as I can before settling in a specific role so that I can gain as much experience as possible. I would like to be able to create a large network of people that I can work with during my time in the industry and hopefully be involved in large projects such as festivals and tours. I would also like to carry on creating my own smaller independent events as I have found these to be very enjoyable and have given me great experience in the past. The main goal is to learn as much as I can through different opportunities the industry could provide me with.

On your stereo…
I’ve recently been enjoying the new album from Marmozets, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’.

Last show you went to…
As It Is at London KOKO.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter and Instagram.

BIMM x HMA18: Meet the Students – Matthew Jones

As part of the HMAs partnership with our Official Education Partner BIMM, we’re giving a handful of students a chance to gain some first-hand experience of the music industry via the Heavy Music Awards’ own events and processes.

The students work across four courses at BIMM’s London campus – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production.

Matthew Jones

Today, we’re meeting Production student Matthew Jones, who will be attending the HMA events to work alongside our sound engineers.

Studying at BIMM has been an enjoyable experience right from the first week of the first year right the way through where I am now, in my final term in my third year. The course has taught me more than what I expected both in terms of music production and life skills. It has opened up my eyes to the future career paths based around music production that I would have never considered, such as working in a post-production studio recording ADR for films, using programs such as FMOD and Wwise to implement audio into game engines and using plugins such as Max for Live and Reaktor to programme and create software instruments and effects. The most enjoyable thing about this course is being able to work with industry specialists and having them teach us on a weekly basis, being taught what is relevant in the industry today compared to what a textbook tells you. Having people come in from the industry to teach is what separates BIMM from other universities, what we’re being taught is relevant and exciting, which is what keeps the course fun and enjoyable.

On the HMAs…
The main reasons I want to be part of the HMA18 is for networking and experience. The HMAs are a prestigious event highly regarded within the heavy music community and being able to be a part of the team that makes it happen is a dream come true. Koko is a very well-known venue as well and being able to work there would be an achievement that I would be proud of. By working at the HMAs, I would be surrounded by highly talented individuals who I can learn from and make connections with while still working to make the HMAs the best they can be.

On your career goals…
My dream would be to open my own studio and be able to run that as my full-time job. Realistically, this is going to be hard to achieve but it’s not impossible. I intend to start out as a freelance producer, getting my name known within the industry and building myself up, hopefully attaining a permanent job at a studio along the way as an engineer or producer, eventually building up to run my own studio in the Midlands. There is a severe lack of music studio’s around my home area which is surprising considering it’s accessibility to the majority of the country via the M1 and the M6 or public transport such as trains into local cities such as Birmingham, Leicester, and Coventry.

On your stereo…
I’m currently jamming a lot of albums. Here are a few of the albums I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

Within Destruction – Void. This album is non-stop brutality from start to finish, been playing this a lot recently in preparation for their new album Deathwish being released at the end of March.

A Night in Texas – Global Slaughter. This album is what I regard as the holy grail of production for a deathcore album, it never fails to amaze me how bone crushing Buster Odeholm manages to make his mixes, and this is no exception. After their Unholy Alliance EP split with Angelmaker I was expecting a lot from A Night In Texas and they didn’t disappoint.

Infant Annihilator – The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch. While I truly enjoyed this album when it first came out, I have to admit that I’ve been listening to this a lot recently for research for my final project. See my final production project and dissertation is exploring how modern bands use technology to record parts which are not physically possible to play, and what better band to showcase this than Aaron Kitcher and Eddie Pickard’s masterpiece which is Infant Annihilator.
Hollow Prophet – Hellhole. This EP took me completely out nowhere and slapped me across the face with its sheer brutality. It was that good I purchased both the limited edition jewel case (limited to 300) and the limited edition red variant digipack (limited to 150) just so I could have a piece of this brutality and help them produce more music.

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla. Yet again this is a research album yet I still enjoy the music that Lucas Mann and Miles Dimitri Baker have written for this album and Aaron Stechauner’s drums are amazing. While not as technical as their previous efforts of Dingir and Lugal Ki En, it is a lot more musical and tasteful in its technicality which results in a more enjoyable end experience.

These are the main albums I have been playing recently However, there are many many more that I come back to such as Thy Art is Murders “Hate”, “Holy War” and “Dear Desolation”, Boris The Blade’s “Warpath”, Aversions Crown’s “Tyrant” and “Xenocide”, Graveminds “The Deathgate”, Humanity’s Last Breaths “Humanity’s Last Breath”, Abominable Putridity’s “The Art of Artificial Origin” and Enterprise Earths “Embodiment”. While I have many more albums in my collection, these are the few that I come back to time and time again.

Last show you went to…
The last show I went to was Within Destruction at the Thousand Island in London on the 28th of February. While this was an amazing show, only two of the four intended bands were able to make it due to the bad weather, even one of the step in bands, Clawhammer, had to cancel due to not being able to make it. Unfortunately, they didn’t pull out the outfits they wore for their music video to Plague of Immortality like they had done the previous year at the Boston Music Rooms. However only a few days earlier I had seen Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown and Disentomb at the Dome on the 26th February. What was interesting about this event was that I had seen all the bands before but never at the same time. I’d seen Carnifex supporting Whitechapel and Thy Art is Murder at the Impericon Never Say Die Festival. I had seen Oceano supporting Thy Art is Murder on their Dear Desolation tour. I’d seen Aversions Crown headlining The Dome’s sister venue, the Boston Music Rooms with support from Rings of Saturn and A Night in Texas. And finally I had seen Disentomb twice, once headlining the Nambucca with support from Visceral Disgorge and another time supporting Dying Fetus along with Psycroptic and Beyond Creation at The Dome again.

You can follow Matthew on Instagram.

BIMM x HMA18: Meet the Students – Domonkos Gargyan

As part of the HMAs partnership with our Official Education Partner BIMM, we’re giving a handful of students a chance to gain some first-hand experience of the music industry via the Heavy Music Awards’ own events and processes.

The students work across four courses at BIMM’s London campus – Music Journalism, Music Business, Music Event Management and Production.

Domonkos Gargyan

Today, we’re meeting Music Journalism student Domonkos Gargyan, who will be writing some content, interviewing some of our finalists and attending the HMA events in a journalistic capacity.

I’m really happy to be studying at BIMM. They are keen on getting us placements etc in order to make sure our degrees are actually gonna be worth something upon graduation. Although it’s great to have some formal education, success in the music industry seems to depend more on practical aspects like experience and connections, and people at BIMM know this very well.

On the HMAs…
Despite its relatively recent start, HMA pretty much became a key event for the rock/metal community, and their list of nominees was spot on last year. I also love the public vote system.

On your career goals…
I’m hoping to become a reputable publicist or merchandiser. If all else fails, I’ll play the scissors in Noel Gallagher’s band.

On your stereo…
Skunk Anansie – Search and Destroy

Last show you went to…
Turbowolf at Scala.

You can follow Domonkos on Twitter or Instagram.

Centrepoint Partners With Heavy Music Awards

A charity which helps homeless young people stay safe and improve their life chances has teamed up with the Heavy Music Awards.

Centrepoint – the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people – has become an Official Charity Partner of HMA18.




Every year the organisation helps 9,200 people aged 16-25 by providing a safe place to live, mental and physical health checks and a path into education, training and employment across London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East.

The award-winning charity – which employs 350 people – was founded in 1969 by The Reverend Kenneth Leech and has since provided a safe haven for 125,000 young people.

Paul Noblet, Head of Public Affairs at Centrepoint, said: “We’re so grateful for the support of the Heavy Music Awards and the opportunity to turn up the volume around the issue of youth homelessness.

“Thousands of young people every year are forced to sleep on the streets, night buses, or the floors and sofas of friends, family and strangers. These scarring experiences damage young people’s physical and mental health, crush their confidence and put their futures on hold.

“Homelessness doesn’t have to define a young person’s life. Centrepoint provide a safe place to stay, support to get healthy, find work and the confidence to express themselves – including through music.

“Please lend your support if you can and help vulnerable young people leave homelessness behind for good.”

Andy Pritchard, co-founder of the HMAs, said: “Homelessness is a huge problem that continues to be an issue in the lives of many young people across the UK. We are immensely proud to have teamed up with Centrepoint and help in some way.

“Their work has an amazingly positive impact upon the lives of thousands of young people each year who have been forced onto the streets and it is because people support them that this situation continues to improve.

“The world of heavy music has its part to play in this and we are honoured to offer the HMAs platform to Centrepoint to raise awareness and funds for the cause.”

Homeless young people helped by Centrepoint are given accommodation for two years and then supported for six months afterwards to ensure they can live independently.

And with tens of thousands of young people approaching councils each year for help, Centrepoint also campaigns to influence local and central government policy on developing practical measures towards ending youth homelessness.

Once supported by Diana, Princess of Wales, Centrepoint now benefits from the patronage of The Duke of Cambridge and a team of influential Ambassadors including Ellie Goulding, Lorraine Kelly, Jonathon Ross, Sara Cox, Richard Madeley and Colin Salmon.



About Centrepoint

  • Centrepoint is the leading charity for homeless young people aged 16-25.
  • Centrepoint supports over 9,200 homeless young people a year nationally.
  • The Freephone Centrepoint Helpline is for any young person aged 16-25 who is worried about homelessness. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The Centrepoint Helpline number is: 0808 800 0661.
  • Centrepoint supports young people to pursue education, training and employment, and to develop independent living skills.
  • Through policy work, Centrepoint aims to influence public policy, campaigning on behalf of the young people it supports and homeless young people throughout the UK.
  • Founded in 1969, Centrepoint has helped more than 116,000 homeless young people.
  • HRH The Duke of Cambridge became Centrepoint’s Patron in 2005.
  • For more information, visit: centrepoint.org.uk

Rocksteady Returns to HMAs for Second Year

Rocksteady, the UK’s largest rock school, has endorsed the Heavy Music Awards for a second year, as an Industry Supporter.

Rocksteady is inspiring the next generation of musicians, every week teaching more than 16,000 four to eleven years-olds to play real music in their own bands. Rocksteady also provide unique full-time employment opportunities to credible musicians all over the country.

Heavy music fan and CEO of Rocksteady, Scott Monks, revealed why Rocksteady chose to support the HMAs once again.

“Last year’s Heavy Music Awards were a blast!” he revealed.

“More importantly our staff and kids loved us being involved and I’m excited to see what the HMAs will deliver this year.

“Good luck to everyone who makes the shortlist.”

The finalists will be announced on April 25th in a special HMA18 Launch Night at Gorilla, Manchester, with public voting to decide the winners opening the same night.

To being with a chance of winning tickets click here

Iain Johnson, Co-Founder of the Heavy Music Awards said: “We are thrilled to welcome Rocksteady back to the HMAs.

“Nurturing young, talented musicians and just having fun with music at a young age is so important and it’s great that we can help fly the flag for this school and the important work that they do.”

Through its in-house, self-funded Foundation, Rocksteady also provides free charity days and free bursary spaces to kids who would not otherwise be able to access the programmed. Over the last year Rocksteady has delivered free music experiences to over 200,000 children.

More information about Rocksteady can be found at www.rocksteadymusicschool.com or by emailing info@rocksteadymusicschool.com

Two Minutes with Milestones: “We fully intend to be relentlessly touring”

It’s just a few weeks til the Heavy Music Awards 2018 Launch Event at Manchester’s Gorilla on 25 April, so we grabbed a moment with Manchester’s own Milestones – our headliners – who will be hitting the stage alongside Loathe and Cold Years.

How are things with Milestones right now?
Things are great for us right now thank you. We released our debut album a couple of weeks back, we’re heading out on some headline shows this week and we’re also getting to play HMA launch on top of having Slam Dunk to look forward to. There’s definitely a positive feel around all of our team at the moment!

Your debut album ‘Red Lights’ came out recently – how has the reaction been so far?
It’s been great! It’s something our fans have been waiting for for a while so to give back to them is a great feeling after only having them listen to five songs previously. We feel as though the album is only going to improve too as we fully intend to be relentlessly touring it over the space of the year. Lots of people have been comparing it pop-punk from the early 2000s with a modern twist which is in a way what we were going for, that genre of music played a huge part in all of our lives and has been a true influence behind everything we do, so to kind of rekindle the flame of something that may have been burning out for a while now feels great.



The line-up for the HMA18 Launch Show is pretty eclectic, does that change your approach to the show?
I guess you could say so. At the end of the day this is still a headline set for us so naturally we’re going to want to play some slower more ambient stuff, we’ll just leave out anything too soppy!!

The finalists for HMA18 will be announced at this show – what’s your pick for Best Album?
If I had to go with a UK band it’d be While She Sleeps – You Are We. Non-UK would be Counterparts – You’re Not You Anymore.

What’s the Manchester scene like right now? What bands are you most excited about?
The Manchester scene is pretty good right now, I think it’s the same as a lot of UK cities, you know what bands will do well and with the right push the shows can be great. UK bands in general I’m really excited about right now are; Holding Absence, Woes, Loathe, Casey, Better Days, The Gospel Youth.

What’s next for Milestones?
Hopefully lots more touring/shows and making sure that this album is heard everywhere possible!


HMA18 Launch Poster


Get tickets for the HMA18 Launch Event

You can get in the draw for free tickets to the HMA18 Launch Event at Gorilla, Manchester on 25 April by clicking here.

Two Minutes with Loathe: “The Liverpool scene is thriving once again”

With the Heavy Music Awards 2018 Launch Event fast approaching at Manchester’s Gorilla on 25 April, we sat down for a second with Erik Bickerstaffe, guitarist/vocalist for Liverpool’s Loathe, who will be hitting the stage alongside Milestones and Cold Years.

How’s things with Loathe right now?
We’re progressing every day. Becoming exactly what we envisioned from the start through our efforts with our music and image, so things are going great.

Your new split EP with Holding Absence ‘As One’ came out recently – how has the reaction been so far?
Phenomenal. We are currently in Europe for the last few days of our tour alongside Holding Absence and the response so far even in places we have never been before has blown us away, considering we are so proud of the release its wonderful to feel the love across Europe.



The line-up for the HMA18 Launch Show is pretty eclectic, does that change your approach?
Not at all. We’re Loathe for a reason, it goes without saying but we love all types of music so for us to be on a varied line up is something we honestly prefer as we get to experience different worlds of music in a live setting which we sometimes dont get to experience. We’re excited.

What’s the Liverpool scene like right now? What bands are you most excited about?
Thriving once again honestly, God Complex are the next thing you all need to be aware of. Your favourite new heavy band.

What’s next for Loathe?
Writing, touring, the usual stuff. Our main focus is more content overall to give everyone more of an insight into what Loathe is.


HMA18 Launch Poster


Get tickets for the HMA18 Launch Event

You can get in the draw for free tickets to the HMA18 Launch Event at Gorilla, Manchester on 25 April by clicking here.

HMA18 Partners with Public City PR

The Heavy Music Awards have partnered with world-class PR agency Public City for 2018.

The firm works on both press and radio fronts and boasts an incredible roster featuring many of heavy music’s key artists, including HMA17 finalists Deftones, Beartooth, A Day To Remember, The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Public City’s Director and Head Honcho Emma Van Duyts said, “As fans of the all encompassing genre known as Heavy Music, Public City are immensely proud to be working with the Heavy Music Awards. We are excited to help expand the reach of the awards in 2018 and beyond.”


HMA x Public City


HMAs co-founder Iain Johnson said, “We’re so happy to welcome Emma and the Public City team to the HMA party.

“Our philosophy is to spread the message of heavy music as a force for good, which sits perfectly with Public City’s own approach. From the first second we spoke with Public City, their enthusiasm and expertise in this field was evident, and their roster speaks for itself.

“This partnership helps us to grow further and underlines our commitment to building the HMAs into a truly international programme which shines as bright a light as possible on the amazing talent across the heavy music scene.”

Public City’s current roster also includes: Against Me!, Alien Ant Farm, Bad Rabbits, Bad Sign, The Black Queen, The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Citizen, Death From Above, Disturbed, Don Broco, Feed The Rhino, The Ghost Inside, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Good Charlotte, He Is Legend, Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Mariachi El Bronx, Mastodon, Moose Blood, Nervus, Our Hollow Our Home, Palm Reader, Parkway Drive, Quicksand, Henry Rollins, Slaves, Tonight Alive, Towers, The Used, Waterparks, Will Haven, Wu Tang Clan and You Me At Six.



For all press enquiries, please email team@heavymusicawards.com or call 01277 356200.

Seven Important Differences Between Home Insurance and Specialist Musical Insurance

Without a shadow of a doubt, the importance of touring and merchandise sales has increased for bands in this post-physical sales world. Protecting your equipment and stock is vital. Helping artists avoid the need for crowdfunding after a theft or road accident is something we feel is incredibly valuable, which is why we are so pleased to have Allianz Musical Insurance on-board as our Official Insurance Partner.

We’ve handed over the stage to Allianz Musical Insurance to explain the seven important differences between home insurance and specialist musical insurance.

Many musicians rely on their home insurance to cover their instruments, and we’re often asked how specialist musical insurance is different.

We know that policy documents are long and often daunting to read, so here’s a quick summary of the key differences between the two.

1. We’ll cover you for unlimited professional use

Whether you’re playing Shepherd’s Bush or your local pub circuit, we’ll cover you. But your home insurance may not. Even for small pub gigs or charity concerts, if money is being changed hands, it’s always worth checking if you’re covered.

2. We’ll cover your instrument for the exact value you tell us

Home insurance policies often have a value limit on personal effects – meaning your gear may not be entirely covered. If you own a large amount of equipment or anything particularly expensive, it’s best to double check how much you’re covered for. We’ll cover anything that you can play, for however much it’s worth.

3. You can cover multiple instruments on your policy from just £33 per year

Adding instruments to your home insurance might increase your premium, but this isn’t the case with our specialist musical insurance. No matter whether you’ve got one guitar or an entire studio filled with gear, we’ll cover you. In a band? Insure your instruments together and you may be eligible for a discount.

4. We’re music experts

Does your home insurer know the difference between a crash and a splash? With over 50 years of experience, we understand your needs as a musician, and know that things often don’t fit neatly into categorised boxes. Unlike home insurance, our insurance is designed with musicians in mind.

5. Our premiums won’t go up after a claim

Claiming on your home insurance might affect your premium or no claims discount, but not with our specialist insurance. And unlike home insurance, if you claim on your policy with us, you won’t have to pay an excess.*

*£100 excess applies for computer equipment.

6. We’ll cover loan instrument hire costs

If you play music for a living, we know that you can’t be without your instrument. That’s why we cover hire costs, so you won’t run into problems if your instrument is off for repair, or if you’re waiting on a replacement to arrive. Home insurance policies are not specifically created for specialist items such as instruments, so you should always check if hire costs are covered.

7. We’ll cover depreciation in value after repair

We understand that after repairs have been carried out, instruments don’t always play or look quite like they used to – that’s why we cover any loss in value after a repair. Your home insurer may cover repairs, but they may not cover depreciation in value afterwards. Every policy is different, so make sure you check what you’re covered for.



Find out more about Allianz Musical Insurance here.

It’s important to remember that most insurance policies will have different terms, conditions and benefit limits. To ensure you have the cover that’s right for you, make sure you understand what you’re covered for and how much you’ll be able to claim before taking out a policy.

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