Simon Hall
  • Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Bloodstock Festival

Simon is as well known for fronting the metal band Beholder, working a band consultation process scheme through Stampede Press UK, as he is for his long standing works at Bloodstock Open Air. His passion lies in developing bands through the Metal 2 The Masses initiative set up by Bloodstock Open Air, where he works 24/7 to entice and nurture emerging live and recording artists not only to compete against the influx of entertainment offerings outside of music, but also be part of developing the bands of tomorrow. The M2TM also offers venues, promoters and the bands the opportunity to be part of the Bloodstock experience.

“I’m genuinely excited to be involved in the Heavy Music Awards – anything that highlights and praises the music we all love, alongside the unsung heroes who make it all happen, is something much needed – especially when it’s driven by an entirely independent beast such as this.”

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