Lulu Davis
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Lulu Davis

Incendia Music

Music Manager, Publicist, and owner of Incendia Music; Lulu Davis has pioneered and pushed forward the careers of new and exciting talent in the rock and metal world for the past 6 years. Long-listed in Music Week’s 30 under 30, the only female panelist at Global Rock Summit 2016 and managing bands who are touring with the likes of Deftones, playing Download Festival and more, Lulu and Incendia Music are showing the way forward for emerging talent worldwide.

“In such a competitive industry, it’s sometimes hard for emerging talent to be recognised without the right support. The Heavy Music Awards will give the power back to the fans for them to decide not only the best bands in the heavy music spectrum, but the best supporting figures in the industry. Without the ecosystem that provides the venues, videos, photographs and more, the music wouldn’t be as expressive and representative of what the bands truly stand for today.”

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