Jamie Carter
  • Jamie Carter

Jamie Carter

The Firepit / Warner Music UK

In his current role as Senior Video Director/Editor at The Firepit/Warner Music UK, Jamie works on a diverse range of projects from music videos to live concerts and short films for some of the world’s biggest artists, as well as branded content for wider partners and also photography. With a passionate background in music and a keen eye for performance and emotionally driven visuals, creating content has always been about making the most natural experience for the artist, in turn creating a relaxed environment where true expression can shine. Jamie’s work has been recognised with a nomination at the UKMVAs for his live directing skills, alongside some of the industry’s best.

“Heavy music has been a passion of mine since I first found Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, picked up a guitar, and started annoying my parents nearly 20 years ago. To have an award show specifically recognising this genre is really refreshing, especially one which is giving credit to the people that work behind the scenes on projects that aren’t usually highlighted in the mainstream music community.”

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