James Gall
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James Gall

Fire And Air

Having grown up and helped start the extreme metal scene in South Africa in the late 80s and early 90s, James moved back to his native UK in the mid 90s, which led him to doing production management across Europe and also in the US. He then spent some 15 years booking and managing well known London venues before establishing a boutique consultancy and promotions business. James listens mainly across punk, thrash, death, some black and doom, but loves the in-between areas of crust, hardcore, post metal and other off-kilter sounds.

“Being involved in the HMAs is a true pleasure, a vehicle for all things heavy and a place where bands that may not get all the media attention in the world can be championed, and those that do from within our community can be honoured. With professionals across the industry being involved, there will be a great selection of opinion and voting on offer, giving everyone a chance to be noticed.”

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