Helen Buffett
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Helen Buffett

Eagle Rock Entertainment

As former military personnel – having served in Iraq and Afghanistan – Helen Buffett approaches the music industry with a unique perspective. She has an incredibly diverse CV – having set up her own charity to help those just out of rehab, working on overcoming addiction and severe depression, in addition to working in business management for Universal Pictures and Pepsi, before arriving at her current role with Eagle Rock / Universal Music.

“Anything that supports real musicians who can write, play and perform their own music will always get love from me. I’m proudly from Birmingham, the home of metal, so I grew up listening to rock after stealing my older brother’s stuff. Over the years I’ve developed quite an eclectic taste in music but always find my way back to metal. Since heading up UK sales for Eagle Rock I’ve had the honour to work with some of the greatest rock legends where my focus is to work closely with all the big music sellers and platforms, i.e. Amazon, HMV, iTunes, in making sure we give the fans exactly what they want to buy. Although nothing can replace a real live metal gig, music film and documentary is coming back to life, so it’s great to be able to create something timeless. Events like these really help re-live some of these artists greatest performances that so many of us didn’t get privilege to see live.”

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