Adam Gregory
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Adam Gregory

Bloodstock Festival

Adam Gregory has always had a passion for metal from a very early age, my dad and Bloodstock founder has been doing Album covers for bands since the mid-eighties and I have grown up with it being played loud in the family home, having been lucky enough to have been part of the UK’s biggest independent Metal Festival has allowed me to indulge my passion and meet some of the icons I grew up listening to, I hope the journey continues indefinitely.

“I am honoured to have been asked to join the very distinguished judging panel and have a small but valued opinion on the metal scene in our current day, honouring the icons of yesteryear and giving recognition to the icons of tomorrow, It’s incredible to see the world I love being given bragging rights in a world full of manufactured music our youth is generally spoon fed. Metal music is true grit, blood and sweat talent and passion.”