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Achal Dhillon

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Achal Dhillon started Killing Moon in early 2011 in his parents’ loft as a new music blog following a string of A&R/artist management positions at Universal Music, Quest Management and Turn First Artists/First Access Entertainment. Since then, as a completely independent music company Killing Moon has evolved into one of the UK’s most respected and innovative record labels, artist management companies and concert/club promoters, with plans to launch publishing and media divisions in 2017, receiving numerous commendations from international press and radio along the way in it’s short lifespan. Achal has recently been elected to the board of directors at the Association of Independent Music, and is regularly engaged by third party labels and managers on developing artist campaigns as an area of expertise. He continues to write on the Killing Moon blog on a near-daily basis, and now also writes a weekly new daily Artist Of The Day feature for The Metro (a weekly reach of circa 5 million). Achal also personally manages the careers of Draper, Måntra, CHIMES, Bad Pop and Annabel Allum.

“There are far too many award ceremonies that year-on-year seem to fall on the wrong side of objectivity. Killing Moon has always championed and invested great and new music regardless of its source or the stats surrounding the artists, and this is doubly true for heavier artists such as Mantra, Verses, Carnival Kids, Fizzy Blood and more. We greatly welcome the introduction of the Heavy Music Awards and it’s aim to provide a democratic standard for other music awards to follow.”

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